Student Health Insurance


ALL traditional undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Judson University Student Health Insurance plan upon beginning their first semester and every semester they are enrolled in thereafter. There is a cost for the insurance, and this will automatically be charged to their student accounts.

Annual Insurance Waiver and Required Insurance Card Submission :

Students may use their personal insurance plan but must provide necessary documentation within 10 days after the first day of classes or it will affect your student account. Submission needs to be made to Wellfleet Insurance to waive the insurance plan and its cost. All health insurance waiver opts out and health insurance plan cards are to be submitted directly to Wellfleet Insurance who will be administering all waivers and insurance cards as they will be verifying all information to approve the waiver. If a waiver is denied for any reason, you will be enrolled in the student insurance plan after the tenth day of school. Any appeals needed for denied waiver process are being managed by third party administrator Wellfleet insurance and will need to be filed directly to them.   

How do I Waive Coverage?

1. Go to and enter your school in the search box.

2. Select the Enroll/Waive button.

4. Enter your waver information, attach an ID card and submit.

5. Print or write down your confirmation number. Receipt of this number only confirms submission, not acceptance, of your waiver.


Insurance Open Enrollment:

This year enrollment for the student insurance will need to be completed online. This option gives a better transition for the student to know that they are officially enrolled after completing the process. You will be provided a confirmation page upon completion of the needed information. You can access and print your card. With this opportunity, it will assist the student to begin the navigation of managing their healthcare throughout their college experience. 

The closing date to enroll in the student insurance for annual enrollment will be September 1,2021.  

How do I Enroll?

1. Go to and enter your school in the search box.

2. Select the Enroll/Waive button.

4. Select enroll and submit..

5. Once enrolled you can log in or create an account to print an ID card.



Eligibility & Cost

The following categories of students who are registered for 6 or more credit hours are eligible for enrollment:

  • Traditional Undergraduate
  • Graduate Architecture
  • International
  • Music Performance Certificate

Fees for the 2021-2022 academic year are:

  • Fall 2021: $797.00
  • Spring/Summer 2022: $1,104.00
  • Annual 2021/2022: $1,901.00


For more information regarding the insurance plan, to locate providers or to log in to your account, please visit the Wellfleet JU Student website. A benefits brochure for the current academic year can be located on this page.