Group Support

Groups consist of a small group of students meeting to discuss and explore problems with one another and a group leader. Group members develop insight through conversations and support from other members.

Groups are a great way to examine how we function interpersonally and recognize the universality of our concerns. Change occurs through support, feedback and interaction. Some of the benefits of Support Groups include:

  • Support from Others
  • Promotes Social Skills
  • Normalizes your Experiences
  • Promotes Self-Awareness
  • Safe Space to try New Things
  • Ability to Encourage Others
  • Provides Different Perspectives 

When offered, group info and links will be posted below.



The Wellness Center hosts events around campus that promote the wellbeing of students in all areas of life. See below for any upcoming events that you can participate in. If you would like to suggest an event, get more info about a current event or even request us to speak to a group/class on campus, please email us at


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Keep Calm and Paint - Nov 2

The Wellness Center hosted a guided painting experience to help students use art to lower their stress.


Take a Stand against Domestic Violence - Oct 26

Judson University partnered with the Elgin Community Crisis Center to take a stand against Domestic Violence. Students, staff and faculty donated essential items and wrote encouraging messages for families fleeing DV in our community.


Virtual Clothesline Project - April 2021

Judson University partnered with the Elgin Crisis Community Center for the Virtual Clothesline Project. Students decorated t-shirts to visualize the effects of sexual violence and harassment, as well as to honor the strength and courage of survivors. Click on the image to watch the video.


Stand in Solidarity - April 6

Thank you to all the awesome students and staff who came out to our Stand in Solidarity event in the lower Commons!! We appreciate you honoring the people who have been affected by sexual assault and making a symbolic gesture to stand against sexual violence. We want to create a culture of consent and respect...let's keep up the good work Judson Eagles!!