Groups consist of a small group of students meeting to discuss and explore problems with one another and a group leader. Group members develop insight through conversations and support from other members.

Groups are a great way to examine how we function interpersonally and recognize the universality of our concerns. Change occurs through support, feedback and interaction. Some of the benefits of Support Groups include:

  • Support from Others
  • Promotes Social Skills
  • Normalizes your Experiences
  • Promotes Self-Awareness
  • Safe Space to try New Things
  • Ability to Encourage Others
  • Provides Different Perspectives 


Support Groups

Story Time and Sharing

Monday, November 2nd-30th from 6:30-7:10 PM

Click here to start the group virtually. 

Join the Wellness Center and follow the lives of four pals as they learn about different feelings and ways to express them! 

Meeting ID: 897 3486 6090
Passcode: bJdu30


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