Seeking counseling services is an important decision to make, especially during times of uncertainty. For the Spring 2022 term, the Wellness Center's Counseling Services has partnered with Heritage Counseling Center to provide individual counseling services to students. Services will be provided Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 4PM. 

Managing a Crisis

If there is an immediate danger to yourself or someone else (suicidal ideations/urges to self-harm, homicidal ideations) due to a mental illness or emotional distress, call Campus Safety at 847-622-9999 or dial 911. 

Additional resources for mental health crises can be found on the Wellness Center website 


For a list of counseling and psychiatric referrals click here

There are a variety of ways students choose to cover the cost of mental health services, including insurance benefits. Read about Helpful Tips when connecting with your insurance company.


Title IX and the Campus SAVE Act ensure all students can study in an academic environment free from sexual violence and harassment, including dating violence and stalking. Judson University is committed to maintaining a safe educational environment for all students. 

For a list of resources and information on policies available to the Judson community, please visit the Title IX Services page.