Counseling Services for Academic Year 21-22

Seeking counseling services is an important decision to make, especially during times of uncertainty. We want you to know that the Wellness Center Counseling team will continue to provide support this upcoming 2021-2022 academic year. 

Brief-counseling services will continue to be provided via our Telehealth platform, TheraNest, to ensure that students' mental health and overall wellness are optimal to meet academic goals. This means that all individual sessions, groups/workshops, educational outreach, and meetings will be held remotely.

Please log in to MyJudson and click on the Counseling Request link below to begin the process of getting help.

Counseling Request


Joining Session via TheraNest

Click   to log into your Client Portal, complete paperwork, make payments and join sessions.


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Individual Counseling

Counseling provides a place for students to discuss concerns one-on-one with a professional.

Group Support

Groups consist of a small gathering of students who meet to discuss and explore problems with one another and a group leader. 

Visit the Groups & Events page for more info and to see current Groups.


Virtual Consultation Services

Find out more about our free Consultation Services


Scope of Counseling Services

Find out more about the Services that the Counseling team can provide.


Connecting with Your Insurance

There are a variety of ways students choose to cover the cost of mental health services, including insurance benefits. Read the Frequently Asked Questions regarding insurance, as well as Helpful Tips when connecting with your insurance company.


Title IX

Title IX and the Campus SAVE Act ensure all students can study in an academic environment free from sexual violence and harassment, including dating violence and stalking. Judson University is committed to maintaining a safe educational environment for all students. 
For a list of resources and information on policies available to the Judson community, please visit the Title IX Services page.