Wellness Center Counseling and Psychiatric Referrals 


Referral Tips

When off-campus therapy is recommended or preferred by students, a Wellness Center counselor will support the student through the process of getting connected. We will help to identify several referral options selected specifically for their personal situation when it is recommended during the course of individual counseling. It is our goal to insure that students are connected with the treatment that will best fit their particular needs, and we will continue meeting with you during this transition.

Connecting with a health or mental health professional in the community, whether locally or back home during semester breaks, is a new process for many students. We will offer support, referrals and resources that will empower students to connect with the best treatment option for them. It may also be helpful to read Considerations in Off-Campus Services for helpful tips when navigating off-campus services.

Below are some additional resources that are useful in making this connection.

Please Note that this is not an inclusive list off all the resources in the community. Furthermore, neither Judson University nor the Wellness Center are endorsing the providers listed. For further resources, call the number on the back of your insurance card for a detailed list of services in-network with your insurance provider.

General Counseling