Tutoring Resources

Live, On-Demand and Appointment-Based Tutoring offered via ThinkingStorm

Live, On-Demand Tutoring Options
  • Math: Basic Math through Calculus
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Statistics
Live, Appointment-Base Tutoring Options
  • Business: Accounting, Finance, Economics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Additional Topics

Writing Tutoring is also available via ThinkingStorm. 

To Access Live, On Demand and Appointment Based Tutoring, please register by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to https://www.thinkingstorm.com/judson.  

2. To register for online tutoring, enter your Judson University email address as your username and the JU password (judsononlinetutor) as your password, then click on Login Now!

3. After completing registration, you will be required to create a unique password for your ThinkingStorm account. This password must be used for all subsequent logins; your username will always be your JU email address. 

Judson University Writing Center Tutoring Drop In Hours
  • Hours for Judson's Writing Center peer tutoring will be provided soon.
On Site Study Tables
Throughout the academic year, study tables will meet in the Student Success Center. Watch the Student Success Calendar to see when these study tables will meet.

Additional Online Tutoring Resource 
Additional online tutoring resources are available with Khan Academy.