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Student Success Staff

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Career Development Coach
Doris Haugen, MA, LPC 
Specialty Areas: Career Planning, Job Search and Advising for Undecided Majors
Phone: 847.628.1510
Office Location: Lindner Tower, Student Success Center, Office #230
Tutoring and ADAA/504
Gineen Vargas, MSEd - Tutor and ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator
Specialty Areas:  Tutoring, ADA/504 Accommodations and Advising 
Phone: 847-628-1556
Office Location: Lindner Tower, Student Success Center, Office #227
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Writing Center Coordinator
Pat Hargis, Emeritus Professor of Writing & Literature
Specialty Areas: Writing Assistance, Plagiarism, and Academic Dishonesty
Email Pat at: or at
Phone: 847-628-8518 
Office Location: Second floor, Lindner Tower within Student Success Center
Student Support
Jaimee Bartha, MA- Director of Retention/Student Advocate/Athletic Compliance Administrator
Specialty Areas: Student Resources, Student Withdrawals, Advising, Eligibility, Workshops
Phone: 847.628.2514 
Office Location: Student Success Center, Lindner Tower #229
Joy Krispin 
ESL and International Programs Support
Joy Krispin-International Programs Coordinator and PDSO
Specialty Areas: English as a Second Language, International Students, Visa Status
Phone: 847-628-1546
Office Location: Upper Commons, Room 24
Freshmen Advising Assistance
Kayla Collins-First Year Freshmen Advisor
Specialty Areas: Advising for traditional undergraduate first time freshmen and Associates Program students
Phone: 847.628.1155
Office Location: Second floor, Lindner Tower
Transfer Student Assistance
Kirsten Olson-Transfer Student Director
Specialty Areas: Advising for traditional undergraduate transfer students
Phone: 847.628.1157
Office Location: Second floor, Lindner Tower

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GEN101 Peer Student Mentors

Additional content coming during Summer 2018!

2018-2019 Peer Student Mentors

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Not Pictured: Nathanael DeLong, Kayla Capps, Jordan Taylor, Taylor Wills, and Amber Buie

Peer Student Mentors (PSM's) are current Judson students who provide holistic (spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social support) and help new Judson students in GEN101 navigate and acclimate to Judson within their first year of their collegiate journey!

Learn more about each of the PSM's below!


Location, Hours, and Video

The Student Success Center is located on the second floor of the Lindner Tower. The center is staffed from 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and it closes at 1:00 a.m. every day (with exceptions). Students from all programs at the university are welcomed to use this space. Several computers are available for use as well as individual and group study spaces. Whiteboards and a monitor for PowerPoint presentations is available with the availability to copy or print (in color) within this area using your student pin code. 

The Writing Center is now also located on the second floor of the Lindner Tower within the Student Success Center. For more information on the Writing Center, click HERE.

Enjoy this quick video on the Student Success Center!


The mission of the Student Success Center (SSC) at Judson University is to assist students in achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals. The SSC is an integrated approach, combining curricular and co-curricular experiences to serve students through a variety of personalized and structured resources. These services help students embrace their potential to be effective ambassadors for Christ.


The goal of the Student Success Center at Judson University is to provide resources designed to     

1) Support the academic mission of the institution      
2) Encourage the student to identify and attain personal goals      
3) Assist the student to identify and attain professional goals

The mission, goals and strategies of the Success Center empower students to take responsibility and control of their academic progress based on their personal level of development and maturity. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potential by mastering the talents necessary to achieve their goals. 

GEN101 Student Success Survey

For new students who enrolled at Judson in Fall 2018 and have completed GEN101, this survey is for you!

To complete this survey, click HERE.