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Study Tips in the Online Environment (.docx, 11K)

Check out these two articles to support you as you transition fully into the digital online experience!

Success Tips in Online Learning (.docx, 11K)

Check out the articles for ways to help you navigate being successful in the online world!

Weekly Planner (.pdf, 135K)

Need help organizing your homework each week? This weekly planner sheet can help you get organized and prioritize your work.

Internet and Cell Service Providers During COVID-19 (.docx, 91K)

Internet and Cell Service Provider Offers during COVID-19. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Having difficulty navigating the new online setup?  Help is here!  See Navigating Transition.

Tutoring Resources

Live, On-Demand and Appointment-Based Tutoring offered via ThinkingStorm

Live, On-Demand Tutoring Options
  • Math: Basic Math through Calculus
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Statistics
Live, Appointment-Base Tutoring Options
  • Business: Accounting, Finance, Economics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Additional Topics

Writing Tutoring is also available via ThinkingStorm. 

To Access Live, On Demand and Appointment Based Tutoring, please register by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to  

2. To register for online tutoring, enter your Judson University email address as your username and the JU password (judsononlinetutor) as your password, then click on Login Now!

3. After completing registration, you will be required to create a unique password for your ThinkingStorm account. This password must be used for all subsequent logins; your username will always be your JU email address. 

Judson University Writing Center Tutoring Drop In Hours
  • Hours for Judson's Writing Center peer tutoring will be provided soon.
On Site Study Tables
Throughout the academic year, study tables will meet in the Student Success Center. Watch the Student Success Calendar to see when these study tables will meet.

Additional Online Tutoring Resource 
Additional online tutoring resources are available with Khan Academy.
YouTube on Judson's eLearn
Judson's Projected 3 year Calendar
Time Management Worksheet
Plan out your priorities so you don't forget deadlines. Looking for more ways to be effective with your time? Come and connect with the staff in the Student Success Center.
Helpful Links from Judson's IT
How is your time utilized?
Study Guides and Strategies provides a way for you to fill in what you are doing with the 24 hours you are given each day. See where most of your 86400 seconds each day is being used!
Avoiding Procrastination
Study Guides and Strategies provides tips on how to avoid procrastination. 
Student Success Center Calendar of Events
When are workshops offered? When are career events lined up? When is the Math Lab? These events and others can be found on the Student Success Calendar.
TurnIt In Feedback Studio Student Manual and Guide
Test Taking Tips

Here are tips from experts in the field on how to prepare and take tests!

Elgin and Transportation
Elgin's Gail Borden Library
Want to go off campus to study or find more resources for that paper? Check out Elgin's public library.
City of Elgin
Learn more about the city you now call home!
Downtown Elgin
Metra Train
Need to get somewhere?There are two train stations in Elgin. 
Pace Bus Information
Learn where the Pace Bus can take you.
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GEN203 Career Student Mentor
Career Student Mentor Job Description (.docx, 24K)
Career Student Mentor Application (.docx, 12K)
Student Success Center Resources
Student Success Center Power Point (.ppt, 373K)
Transitional Resources
Differences between College and High School (.docx, 18K)
Adapted and used with permission by Southern Methodist University.
Strategies for Success
SMART Goals (.docx, 15K)
You can't achieve your goals if you don't set them!
Cornell Note Taking (.pdf, 280K)
Used with permission from Oregon State University.
Text Anxiety Strategies: Before and During the Test (.pdf, 282K)
Used with permission from Oregon State University
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Procrastination-Why, oh why, do we procrastinate?
Check out Tim Urban's YouTube on Procrastination

Grit-What is it? Do I have it? Learn more about Grit from Angela Duckworth via her TED Talk .
Find out where you land on the GRIT scale HERE.

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset-You CAN improve!
Now that you know more about a fixed and growth mindset? Which do you gravitate toward? Take the mindset test HERE to find out and learn how you CAN increase your mindset.
Learn about the POWER POSE from Amy Cuddy to build confidence. 

We live in a diverse world. Learn more about Introverts from Susan Cain .