Student Success Referral Program

Judson University has Student Success Referrals which are designed to assist in your success at Judson University. Judson University professors and staff have agreed to participate in this program. These community members have the ability to submit a Student Success Referral  via the online Student Success Referral system. The concerns provided by these community members range from concerns they have for you which are academic, emotional, social, and financial in nature. Once the Student Success Referral is submitted, you may receive an email from me, Jaimee Bartha, or another individual in which you have a relationship with, to discuss the concerns provided by the Judson community member. We care for you at Judson University and these referrals allow us to connect with you and provide guidance and resources to keep you on top of your game here at Judson. Thank you in advance for the opportunity you give us to serve you in this way.