Withdrawal Links

Before you withdraw from the institution, carefully review the financial withdrawal refund. Depending on when you withdraw, you may end up owing more to the university dropping out of the term than if you complete the term. Refund policies are subject to change.

Before dropping your course(s) or doing a complete semester or year withdrawal, please refer to the withdrawal calendar as your transcript will reflect the following grades. Generally grades of "W" are not frowned upon unless there are several listed. "WP" is withdraw pass which does not affect your GPA. "WF" is withdraw fail which will negatively affect your GPA. A grade of "AWF" is an administrative withdrawal fail and will negatively affect your GPA. Click on the link and look for the Withdrawal Calendar link from the resources page to find out what grade will be assigned. If you have questions on whether it is in your best interest to drop a course, please stop by the Registrar's Office or the Student Success Center, both located in the Lindner Tower.