Students are expected to adhere to the following with proctored testing:

1. Students are responsible to connect with their faculty to be sure the test is available for the day and time of the scheduled test.

2. Any classroom policy regarding testing also applies when students take an exam via a proctor.

3. Any student caught compromising a test will have the incident reported to the faculty member and the faculty member will determine the consequences of those actions.

4. No student is allowed to leave the area in which they are assigned to take the test until the test is completed. If a student leaves without consent, the test will be confiscated and the student will not be permitted to complete the test.

5. The time allotted for the test is set by the instructor and/or it will be based on the regular class time (ex. 50 minute course=50 minutes for the test). Students with ADAA documentation on file may have extended time (not to exceed time and a half).

6. Students who are tardy or do not arrive for their scheduled testing time may lose proctoring privileges.

7. All students are required to sign a dishonesty contract before taking a proctored exam. 

July 2016