Academic Success Program

Adjusting to life in college can be difficult. The Judson University Academic Success Program (ASP) is here to help.
The mission of ASP is designed to equip students who demonstrate strong potential to succeed in college, but did not meet the minimal admissions standards. Students who are willing to commit to tutoring, mentoring, and specialized instruction during the ASP, can expect to see long term benefits of their drive to succeed.


Students in the ASP will become familiar with and will have resources available through the Student Success Center that include the following:

  •    Tutoring/Study Groups
  •    Academic Advising
  •    Career Counseling
  •    Study Center
  •    Peer Mentors

Students in the ASP are required to take a one credit hour course which meets on a weekly basis that has mandated attendance called, GEN098: Seminar for Academic Success. During this course, students will strengthen study skills, learn to prioritize their time effectively, have accountability, set goals, and plan for their academic future. 

Seminar for Academic Success

GEN098: Seminar for Academic Success is offered in the fall and spring. It focuses on developing skills and strategies for academic success at Judson University. This course is open to all students but is required for students who are on academic warning and probation including those who are in the Academic Success Program. The course will discuss the necessary steps to ensure that all students have access to both academic and support services to maintain or regain good academic standing. The course is not applicable to graduation core requirements or the major. 


Academic Support Program Contact

Ginny Guth, Associate Vice President of Student Success
phone: (847) 628-1151
Office Location: Lindner Tower Office 208

Extended Exam Time

Students whose native language* is not English are not universally eligible for special testing accommodations and presently professors have no legal obligation to offer English as a Second Language (ESL) alternative testing arrangements.

However, many ESL students find that in certain circumstances extra time helps them demonstrate the true depth of their content knowledge and understanding. The issue is language constraints, including:

  • Translating in two languages
  • Time
  • Colloquial wording on tests

Students who would like to start the ESL permission process can schedule an appointment with Mrs. Joy Krispin, ESL Coordinator, at or 847-628-1546.


The Writing Center is located within the Student Success Center on the second floor of the Lindner Tower.

Resources for English Language Learners