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Our Mission

The Student Success Center provides qualified students with disabilities reasonable accommodations and resources in order that they may have equal opportunities for success.  Partnerships between faculty, staff and students with disabilities provide equity and access to the resources available to all students.

Judson offers ADA accommodations

Under the American Disabilities Act, (ADA - 504 Amendment) all students seeking educational accommodations must provide current notice of the qualifying condition to the university. Judson University provides reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. All documentation must be from a doctor or licensed clinician.

 Colleges and universities are only required to accommodate a student's disability if the relevant school personnel are aware that the student has a current disability and the student has disclosed their disability to the ADAA Compliance Coordinator. If you seek a reasonable educational accommodation at Judson University, we must request current proof of your disability.

The most effective way to show that you qualify for reasonable ADA accommodations in the current school term is to:

    • Obtain a letter from a trained, licensed medical professional/clinician who is familiar with you and your type of disability and has completed applicable, supporting documentation that validates the specific disability.
    • Obtain a licensed clinician's summary letter outlining the disability, test results and any confirmed, possible limitations to learning, and reasonable academic accommodations in order to meet the needs of the post-secondary coursework.
      • Under ADA, reasonable accommodations or minor academic adjustments may include the following sample based on required documentation:
        • Assigned note takers
        • Audio books
        • Extended time on tests (not to exceed time and 1/2)
        • Testing in a quiet testing room
        • Use of calculators (for Dyscalculia)
        • Sign Language Interpreters for academic coursework

The documentation must reflect your abilities and limitations at the academic Post-Secondary level at the time you request the accommodation.

Please note: The post-secondary school does not have to make changes or adjustments that fundamentally alter the academic prescribed coursework or graduation requirements under ADA - 504 Amendment.

The University allows individuals with Service Animals access to buildings on campus, including Campus Housing. The University will allow qualified students with disabilities to have Support Animals in Campus Housing on a case-by-case basis according to the policy available on this page.

Please send or fax all documentation to Gineen Vargas, ADAA Compliance Coordinator before the start of the term.
Fax number: 847.628.1007 


Judson offers tutor and writing assistance

The SCC makes every effort to provide tutoring services for most of our traditional courses free of charge.

Need to request a tutor? Click HERE.

In addition to tutoring, the SSC offers study groups and a Math lab. The Math lab occurs on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7p-9p in the SSC on the second floor of the Lindner Tower. 

Our additional services

Judson University provides the following additional services


Study Tables

Provides a quiet learning environment for students directed to the center by their coach or other administrators

Academic Success Course

Provided for….
New or transfer student who enter Judson on either Academic Probation or Warning status
Current students who find themselves having academic difficulty at the end of a semester


Students are limited to a more manageable 13 credit hour limit until placed on “Good Standing.”
They are to attend the one-credit hour course that addresses strategies to improve their learning
New students focus on study skills
Current/transfer students focus on learning styles

Computer Lab / Study Area        

The SSC is located in a spacious computer lab that holds both PC and MAC computers.
There are also tables to allow for individual or group studying.

Gineen Vargas

Please feel free to email Gineen at or contact her at 847-628-1556.
Office Location:
Student Success Center, 2nd floor, Lindner Tower
General Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:30a-3p 
Self Identification of Disability .pdf (.pdf, 96K)
Service/Emotional Support Animal Policy (.pdf, 167K)
Reading Your Textbooks Effectively (.pptx, 8756K)
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Exam Preparation Tips (.pptx, 6148K)
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Note Taking Strategies (.pptx, 2169K)
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Time Management (.pptx, 4893K)
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