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Find helpful instructions in our Knowledge Base or submit a ticket through our IST Helpdesk.

The IST Help Desk can be reached by phone at 847-628-5040. If you are looking to visit us in person, our office is located on the second floor of the University Center.

We are available Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm for either of theses options.

Networking Updates

IST will be updating the networking in both Chapel and Thompson on Tuesday August 9th. This will cause some short outages intermittently starting at 10am, but should have a very minimal impact.


For the work on Chapel and Thompson, there will be intermittent short outages that will begin at 10am, but will not last very long.


On Wednesday August 10th, we will be updating the switch in Commons which will require a larger outage happening from 2pm to 4pm. Additionally we will be working on updating Creekside's equipment as well which will be on August 10th during 8am to 9:30am as well which will cause outages to both internet and calls only inside those buildings during those times.

Printer Updates

IST has worked with Konica to update all printers on campus with the exception of 2 that have not been installed yet. These two are HAWAC 4th Floor Architecture Studio and the 3rd Floor LTOW mailroom. HAWAC's printer will be installed the week of 8/8/22 at some point, but the LTOW printer is currently unknown on when it will be installed, but there will be an announcement sent out by IST once this has been completed.


For all internal printing (on a Judson owned computer), please use the "Follow-Me-Printing on PEPPR01JUDW" going forward as that will allow printing to the new printers.


There were some issues with pins previously when they were put in, however all previously used pins should still be active, with the exception of those that began with a 0. Those pins that began with a 0 now begin with whatever the next number after the leading 0(s) is. If there are any issues please contact IST to assist.


Currently the Webprint is still being worked on and is not currently ready to be used. This will be updated once that website is ready in addition to including any walkthroughs as well.

Standard Hours

Monday - Friday   8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Some forms on MyJudson require Adobe Reader DC or above to fill out.  You can download Adobe Reader here.  Instructions on installing are here for Windows and here for Mac.  When completing the installation, allow the Chrome Extension to be installed, but turn off the extra software (i.e. McAfee).  When you open your browser, it may ask if you want to enable the new Adobe Reader for the browser, say Yes.

You might need to tell the browser to open the PDF document in Adobe, as it may open in the browser's PDF viewer (the viewer will not allow you to submit a form over the internet).   This is generally done in the right-hand upper window.  There will be an "Open in Adobe" or "Open in another program"  menu selection.

This was last updated November 2021.  As browser support changes frequently, you may need to search the browser's support site if the above does not work as intended.