Health Service


The  Health Services Department is under the coordination of Campus Health Coordinator. We offer emergent care through a paramedicine approach. Our EMS department provides care on a walk-in basis or in response to emergencies when summoned by Campus Safety EMS. We never charge students for office visits or when we respond to emergencies. We also assist students in coordinating care with local health organizations and help navigate any questions they may have about their insurance.  If students have any needs or questions, the Health Services office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4pm and the direct office phone number is 847-628-2465. If emergencies occur after hours, please reach out directly to Campus Safety at 847-622-9999. Emails regarding health-related concerns or insurance questions can be sent to 


Judson University Student Health Insurance

For student insurance waiver and self enrollment in the policy , the link is open for annual waiver from May 2022 until August 24, 2022


Student Health Insurance is required for all undergraduate traditional students and  graduate architecture students . An annual  health insurance waiver and insurance card is required to be filed every year as a undergraduate student to opt out of the student insurance policy with Wellfleet insurance. No cards or waivers are accepted after the start of the school year and under no circumstances are they accepted in the wellness center at anytime.   The insurance charges will be removed once waiver has been verified and approved by the insurance company and this can take up to 5 to 7 business days. 

Enrollment for the student policy is via the above link. We ask that if you are enrolling you please make sure it is through the website. Please follow the above link 

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 insurance Fees for the student insurance

Annual Charge: $2052.00

Fall Charge $ 860.00

Spring Charge $1,192.00


If there are any questions please contact health services via email at




Sport injury guideline

As an athlete, sport injuries are always a possibility. The following guideline applies to any type of sport injury.

1. Injury occurs

2. Report suspected injury right away to Judson University coach as well as to athletic trainers for evaluation and treatment: ie: emergency room, immediate care, sports physician or physical therapy.

3. With athletic trainers, a sport's accident report needs to be filed right away along with a medical release authorization for health services and trainers to speak to anyone other than the athlete. 





Judson University will send periodic updates of our community’s response to COVID-19.


Judson Community,


The Judson University community was blessed with a successful and healthy 2020-2021 academic year.  We maintained a safe and healthy campus because of our health protocols, and we are using the evidence of our successful efforts to guide us through the mandate issued by the Governor of Illinois in the Executive order that was surprisingly announced last Thursday.  The Governor’s order included two mandates for residents of Illinois that applied to higher education: face coverings and vaccinations.  The Governor’s executive order does affect Judson University.  Even as a private university, we are subject to the mandates by the Governor as enacted through the Illinois Board of Higher Education.  The following communication addresses our three most relevant health protocols based upon the evidence available so far and our experiences at Judson; our plans regarding the vaccination/testing mandate, an update on our face coverings actions, and information on families visiting campus.


Judson’s Health Protocols

Our experience and the evidence available so far clearly indicates that the three most effective health actions for our community are the following.

1)   Each person is responsible for their health choices, and we will honor those decisions.  Perhaps the most impactful decision a student could make to protect the health of our community is if you are not feeling well then either stay at home or in your room until you feel better and work with your faculty to follow-up on your coursework.  If you are a staff member, then work from home or use your time off benefits. Faculty members who are not feeling well should reach out to their supervisors to propose and discuss options.

2)   We have emphasized to students for over a year the importance of “build your bubble.”  We encourage students that when you are off-campus please demonstrate prudence and some caution regarding not being in situations that place you in consistent close proximity with people not in your bubble.

3)   Practice physical distancing of a little over 3 feet (the standard in much of Europe) or 6 feet (CDC’s recommendation) with people not in your bubble.

Of course, we encourage hand washing/sanitizing, and we continually maintain our air filters and air circulation systems. We have deployed these and other measures to keep our campus safe.  However, people debate the efficacy of masks, express concerns about vaccinations, share frustrations because they feel everyone should be vaccinated, request mandatory mask requirements, etc.  We have received all of these concerns and more from students, parents, community members and others.  COVID-19 and the response to it has continued to divide families, communalities and organizations.  Our continued approach is to implement effective measures that keep our campus safe and provide an on-campus, in-person, Christ-centered learning experience because that is the most successful environment to help students achieve their educational goals.  


Vaccination and Testing Mandate

The Governor’s executive order states that all higher education employees, contract employees and students be either vaccinated or show proof each week of a negative COVID test.  Judson University’s position regarding vaccinations is that they are a personal decision, and Judson University will not mandate vaccinations.  We believe there are important religious convictions and health issues that impact a person’s decision regarding vaccinations, and religious and health exemptions are covered in the Governor’s order.  The Governor of Illinois can use the legislative process to enact a law requiring COVID vaccinations as has been done with other diseases and health concerns.


Judson University is asking students to voluntarily comply with the Governor’s executive order regarding testing.  Judson employees and employees of contract partners are required to submit a weekly test.  We have set-up two email addresses on an encrypted, secure server hosted by an outside technology security company for employees and students to submit their documentation.  Individuals who are vaccinated should send a copy of their proof of vaccination to Individuals who are not vaccinated should, by the Governor’s order, submit each week proof of a negative COVID test to  The first deadline to submit a negative COVID test is Sunday, September 12.


Judson University is not licensed to administer COVID tests. We work with local partners to assist us with the testing process.  Health insurance will pay for COVID testing, and we are asking people to secure their testing on their own.  However, if a student has a financial, transportation or other need then we will assist them in securing a COVID test. Contact Student Life for this assistance. Faculty and staff are responsible for securing their COVID test on a weekly basis.  


We have two qualified Judson staff members who will be monitoring the emails regarding testing.  If a student happens to miss a week or has anxiety over this requirement we will patiently and compassionately work with them to find a way forward.  No Judson University student will be denied access to campus or campus facilities to advance their educational goals because of the testing requirement.  


Face Coverings Update

Last Sunday, August 29, we shared our plans regarding face coverings on campus.  Here is the update to those actions with change indicated in bold italics.

  • Face coverings are required in public places to include the library, hallways, restrooms, and lobbies/waiting areas.
  • Students dining on campus and anyone who is attending an event where food is served should wear masks as they enter and receive their food. Face coverings can be removed while dining. Face coverings need to be replaced when dining is completed.
  • Students should wear face coverings when entering and exiting classrooms. Once in the classroom, the faculty member will determine if face coverings can be removed.  Once students are in their seats and class has begun, the faculty member may choose to allow students’ masks to be removed during the class, and the faculty member may remove her/his mask as they maintain six feet of distance from the students.
  • Occupancy in classrooms and other spaces will remain at their current capacities.
  • Residential students are not required to wear their facial coverings once they enter the residence hall where they reside.  Visitation hours for Judson students will resume on Monday, September 6. We have now been in the fall semester for two weeks and some students have been on campus even longer so we have “built our bubble.”
  • Participants should wear face coverings while entering and exiting facilities for indoor events such as chapel, musical performances, athletic events, and other programs.  Participants may choose to remove their masks once they are seated and if they can consistently maintain six feet of distance with others who are not “in their bubble.” At Chapel and other high-volume events, there may be optional mask-only seating areas set up for those who desire that space


We also want to clearly state that parents and family members are welcome on campus at any time, and we do not believe the requirements for the testing and vaccinations apply to them.  However, we ask that you please wear face coverings in the public areas we have previously stated. Homecoming and Family Weekend are the weekend of October 1-2, and we want to ensure our students, their families and our alumni that attend will continue to have a safe campus to welcome them to that weekend.  


Again, we understand that people have very different opinions and reactions to the policies, protocols and executive orders issued regarding all of these situations.  Thank you for your patience, trust and candor during this process.  As stated, we had an exceptional 2020-2021 academic year, and we have had an amazing and great start to the 2021-2022 year. We intend to continue to do so. 


Covid testing at Judson

Judson University CoVid Testing 


Currently Judson University- On Campus Testing has been halted due to the testing company is awaiting if any additional grant money will be coming to resume free testing. 

If you are in need of a covid test, please look at our current resources to find a possible testing site you may use. 

Thank you 




Weekly CoVid Testing for all Students, Staff and Faculty is provided to the Judson Community through an outside company every Tuesday from 09:00am to 4:00pm in the University Center's Alumni Room. 

Rapid testing and PCR testing is offered at no cost.

Results are sent directly to the individual through the testing company's lab. * We do not receive any copies of results sent to health services. If you are having problems in receipt of results, please email concerns and we will contact the testing company directly to resolve issues . The email address is

If you are unvaccinated per the Illinois Mandate date August 26th 2021, exemption and weekly testing is  required of all personnel and students in a higher education institution to be submitted to the university to meet the state mandate requirement. 

If you are testing due to illness, we ask that prior to testing you have made contact with Health Service department at 847-628-2465 or email for further guidance through our current Covid 19 Protocols.  

Athletic Injury Filing Information

If you sustain an Athletic injury during a practice or a game:
  • If you have a injury you need to report to your coach
  • Judson University Athletic Trainers for evaluation, treatment and referral.
  • Meet with the athletic trainer to  file the claim paperwork in a TIMELY MANNER. 
  • Trainers will refer athlete to Health Services 
  • Health Services will review and go over all the information for claim submission 
  • You need to take your insurance card provide to by the university along with you primary insurance card to all providers(doctors, physical therapists, imaging and all others).
  • Your primary insurance is always billed first with the athletic insurance as a supplemental. 
How to File Athletic Injury Claims to Wellfleet:
Athletic Trainers are responsible for completing their portion of the Athletic Injury Claim form
in  the  event  of  a  sport  injury.  Student  athletes  are  responsible  for  making  sure  all  
medical providers have insurance information needed to submit a bill. When talking to your 
healthcare provider, please provide them with your personal family insurance information first. 
Next, make sure to let your medical providers know that you also have athletic insurance provided 
by your College/University,  which  is  administered  by  the  Wellfleet  Group  and  provide  them 
 the following information:
1.       All claims related to an Athletic Injury should be mailed to:
Wellfleet Group, LLC PO Box 15369
Springfield, MA 01115-5369
Fax# 413-747-8418
2.       If your medical provider will not send a bill to Wellfleet, try to obtain a copy of the 
itemized bill (CMS-1500 or UB-04)  or dental bill(s) from the provider.   The itemized bill(s)  
must include:
•     Provider’s name and address;
•     Provider’s Tax ID Number;
•     Diagnosis Code (ICD-10);
•     Date of service;
•     Type(s) of service or procedure code (CPT code);
•     Provider cost for each procedure.
3.       The Sport Accident Plan pays for covered expenses that are in excess of other valid and 
collectible insurance. If the athlete is covered by other insurance, ALL BILLS MUST FIRST BE  
determine payment.
4.           Once their primary insurance has paid and/or rejected the claim, the Explanation of 
Benefits (EOB) will also need to be submitted with the bills.
5.       Send a copy of the itemized bill and EOB to Wellfleet.
6.         Please do not submit balance due, balance forward or past due statements for payment. 
Sending in these types of statements will only delay payment. Only an itemized bill from the 
provider will be acceptable for payment.
Wellfleet Customer Service Department – 877-657-5039.


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Student Health Insurance


ALL traditional undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Judson University Student Health Insurance plan upon beginning their first semester and every semester they are enrolled in thereafter. There is a cost for the insurance, and this will automatically be charged to their student accounts.

Annual Insurance Waiver and Required Insurance Card Submission :

Students may use their personal insurance plan but must provide necessary documentation within 10 days after the first day of classes or it will affect your student account. Submission needs to be made to Wellfleet Insurance to waive the insurance plan and its cost. All health insurance waiver opts out and health insurance plan cards are to be submitted directly to Wellfleet Insurance who will be administering all waivers and insurance cards as they will be verifying all information to approve the waiver. If a waiver is denied for any reason, you will be enrolled in the student insurance plan after the tenth day of school. Any appeals needed for denied waiver process are being managed by third party administrator Wellfleet insurance and will need to be filed directly to them.   

How do I Waive Coverage?

1. Go to Wellfleet JU Student website. .

2. Select the Enroll/Waive button.

4. Enter your waver information, attach an ID card and submit.

5. Print or write down your confirmation number. Receipt of this number only confirms submission, not acceptance, of your waiver.


Insurance Open Enrollment:

This year enrollment for the student insurance will need to be completed online. This option gives a better transition for the student to know that they are officially enrolled after completing the process. You will be provided a confirmation page upon completion of the needed information. You can access and print your card. With this opportunity, it will assist the student to begin the navigation of managing their healthcare throughout their college experience. 

The closing date to enroll in the student insurance for annual enrollment will be September 1,2021.  

How do I Enroll?

1. Go to Wellfleet JU Student website. .

2. Select the Enroll/Waive button.

4. Select enroll and submit..

5. Once enrolled you can log in or create an account to print an ID card.



Eligibility & Cost

The following categories of students who are registered for 6 or more credit hours are eligible for enrollment:

  • Traditional Undergraduate
  • Graduate Architecture
  • International
  • Music Performance Certificate

Fees for the 2021-2022 academic year are:

  • Fall 2021: $797.00
  • Spring/Summer 2022: $1,104.00
  • Annual 2021/2022: $1,901.00


For more information regarding the insurance plan, to locate providers or to log in to your account, please visit the Wellfleet JU Student website. A benefits brochure for the current academic year can be located on this page.