Clemon McCullough

Campus Safety Department Supervisor
Clemon (alum '20) has been with Judson Campus Safety since 2017, and supervises daily operations of the department. Clem also serves as the Chaplain for the Campus Safety Department and Judson University football team.
Maggie Quinonez
Campus Safety Patrol Officer
Maggie has been with the Campus Safety Office since 2018, and usually patrols the campus on weekends and afternoon shifts.
Michael Zavala
Campus Safety Patrol Officer
Michael has been with the Campus Safety Department since 2019, and works a variety of shifts in addition to serving Volkman Hall as the resident officer.
Octavia Tate
Campus Safety Patrol Officer
Octavia is the newest member of Campus Safety, and started in 2020.
Victor Marroquin
Campus Safety Officer (part-time)
Victor has been with Campus Safety since 2013. Victor is also a police officer with Kane County Sheriff Forest Preserve Police.
Breje Whitt
Campus Safety Officer (part-time)
Breje has been with Campus Safety since 2018. He is also a Firefighter/EMT-B with the Carpentersville Fire Department.