Having difficulty navigating the new online setup?  Help is here!  

Here are some terms that can help you as learning continues in the digital age!

Face to Face (F2F)- Courses that are F2F are those in which you are in the classroom with your faculty member and peers. You might have elements of being online throughout the course. 

Asynchronous course - These are courses that are online, which take place at times in which it is convenient for you to be a part of the course. It does not have a specific day and time that it meets. Often times, these courses have pre loaded videos and assignments to work through. A great tip for classes like these are to set a day(s) and time(s) in your schedule to "attend and participate" in the course.

Synchronous course - These are courses which are online and take place at a specific day and time, which will typically include "live" interaction with faculty and peers. 

Hybrid course - These are courses which are online and F2F. For example, you may be in your course on Monday F2F, but on Wednesday, you are online.