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If you need PT work while attending classes!

This was our new venue for the On Campus Job Fair this past fall. We have decided to keep the site alive, however, as new jobs open up or are available on campus during the school year.

ALSO, a big black Part-Time Jobs Binder is available in the Student Success Center with job openings, volunteer opportunities, etc. within the local area if you need to obtain a PT position to help pay for tuition or to cover personal expenses.

If you're looking for something specific, please email Doris Haugen at to set up an appointment.


Judson University's Online Career Services provides workforce information, employment and/or internship opportunities as a courtesy to our students. This in no way implies an endorsement or recommendation by Judson University, thereby necessitating thorough research and investigation by each individual job seeker. Thank you.

On Campus Department Student Worker Openings
ADVANCEMENT Student Worker Opportunities (.pdf, 154K)

As of September 6, these positions have been filled!


As of 9-7-18, the Athletic Department still needs game-day managers and in-game statters; if interested see flyer.

FINANCIAL AID OFFICE Student Worker Opportunity (.docx, 14K)

 10-8-18 Financial Aid has filled it's student worker position!

FRESH IDEAS Student Worker Opportunities (.docx, 14K)
MAIL CLERK, CPO (.docx, 14K)

Received 8-28-2018.

PLANT OPERATIONS Student Worker Opportunity (.docx, 11K)
STUDENT ACCOUNTS Student Worker Opportunities (.pdf, 182K)

This position is no longer available.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
When you are hired for an On Campus position, read Welcome Letter, fill out forms and take to the Payroll Office.
Welcome Letter (.docx, 59K)
Personnel Information (.pdf, 35K)
I-9 (.pdf, 551K)
Federal W-4 (.pdf, 124K)
Illinois W-4 (.pdf, 68K)
Direct Deposit (.pdf, 133K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.