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For International Students

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Job Satisfaction


5-4-2020 Prepare for these pandemic job interview questions...

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Let's say you're a marketing, management or accounting major. If these companies are hiring and you wouldn't mind being in that industry, why not check it out.

Ask yourself, if they are currently hiring delivery drivers and the company is busy, what other job needs might they have: such as HR, project manager, social media manager, credit manager, chief financial officer, tax specialist, budget analyst, auditor etc.

Tips and Strategies

5-4-2020 Employer interview questions about Covid 19. Take a look!

4-27-2020 Andrew Seaman helps you see how you can build on your skills and foundational experience, no matter what job you take after college or after being laid off.

4-19-2020 This article provides excellent suggestions for how to proceed in this difficult jobmarket environment.

4-14-2020 Another update by LinkedIn contributor Andrew Seaman

3/26/20 Specific advice for job searching during the Coronavirus Pandemic. He continues to add weekly updates!

Industries and Companies who are hiring

3-25-20 Scroll down to see the document from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for the complete list...this is where to look for work as you are graduating or transitioning to new employment.

4-23-20 A list from LinkedIn Editor Andrew Seaman.

A comprehensive website listing organizations in Illinois that are hiring during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remote Jobs

3-13-20 Flex Jobs with companies that thrive on remote work.

3-18-2020 This article identifies which occupations, parts of the country, and age groups are impacted the most by this increasing trend.

Virtual Fairs for Careers and Grad Schools/Job Boards

U.S. Department of Labor Data

By state, by industry, etc. Lots of helpful information for getting an overview of what industries will thrive and those that are declining.