Identify where you wish to live. Decide how far you're willing to travel for your job. Check phone books and/or online resources to find employers in the area for whom you'd like to work. Research each online or via LinkedIn to see if they have job roles that fit your skill sets. If so, find out if a Judson alum works for them or someone else you know by using the advanced research feature on LinkedIn. Then zero in on networking!
If you've used O*Net to explore job titles and you've seen sample job descriptions that match you, simply search the internet for those job openings in the area where you'll be living. When you find one that interests you, visit the company website, their LinkedIn Profile (some companies have them) and check out their reputation via Glassdoor or the Better Business Bureau. Then network your way in. See Network Your Way IN for more.
To read company reviews, identify potential salaries, obtain examples of interview questions and most importantly, find jobs, click on Glassdoor.

Online Networking

What can hold us back?

From Where Am I Going from Here? A Career Planning Guide compiled and developed by Barbara Tartaglione, Career Connection
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