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LIVE ON PURPOSE; MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare, not for evil, to give you a future and a hope! Jeremiah 29:11   DISCLAIMER: The Judson University Career Center posts workforce information, employment and internship opportunities as a courtesy to students and alumni; see PT and FT Jobs pages for postings. This in no way implies an endorsement or recommendation by Judson University, thereby necessitating thorough research and investigation by each individual job seeker.
Terms of Use
Terms of Use (.docx, 47K)
This is a document all users of this site should read, both employers, students and alumni.
Table of Contents for the Online Career Center
Since this site is a comprehensive online career center with 8 pages of resources and information, use this TABLE OF CONTENTS to find what you need! JOB POSTINGS are on the Get Experience and Search as Alumni pages!
Online Career Center Table of Contents (.docx, 32K)
This document is currently being edited, but can still be used with the added explanation at the beginning to help you find what you need!
Career Development Center
Career Development Center Vision, Mission & Model (.docx, 64K)
Career Development
Career Planning WORKSheet--4 Years at a Glance (.docx, 86K)
Career Planning Questionnaire (.docx, 48K)
Career Services
Career Services Overview (.docx, 51K)
Common Reasons for Seeking Career Services (.docx, 34K)
Job Search Overview
Preparing to Get Hired in Today's Job Market (.pptx, 625K)
Manage Your Career for Exponential Results (.pptx, 534K)
Manage Your Career for Exponential Results - Adult Students (.pptx, 533K)
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Who I am has been affirmed... (.docx, 14K)
I wanted to switch my major... (.docx, 17K)
I found a better fit! (.docx, 31K)
To schedule a career consult appointment
Appointment Request & Checklist (.docx, 56K)
To give feedback on your career consult
Career Consult Feedback (.docx, 14K)
How did things go for you when you visited the Career Center for career assistance? Let us know. We care what you think! Your responses will post anonymously to a Google Docs spreadsheet, unless you indicate your name in the comment section. Thank you!
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Career Workshops on Student Success Center Schedule
Career Workshops offered through the Student Success Center (.xlsx, 59K)
For assistance with career issues, please encourage your students to attend workshops on the Student Success Center Workshop Schedule attached.
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For career consultation or feedback regarding this Online Career Center, please contact Doris Haugen at 847-628-1510 or
Recruiting on campus
RECRUITING ON CAMPUS.docx (.docx, 22K)
ISCPA Postings
College Central Network (.docx, 131K)
Third Party Postings
Third Party Recruiting... (.docx, 24K)
Additional Resources
How to write a concise job description (.docx, 30K)
Job Posting Guidelines
Please use either 1) the word document above to email your job description, internship or volunteer opportunity to the Career Center or 2) the form below which you can fill out immediately--just click the link under Contained Form--it will come directly to the Career Center when you click Submit.
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