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The Health Center mission is to attend to the physical and emotional needs of students, thus enabling them to maintain optimal health as they pursue their education.


Health Center
Monday to Thursday    8am-4pm
Friday                           8am-12noon

Doctor Appointments
Thursday                     11am-12noon


Mailing Address:  1151 N State St, Elgin IL 60123
Campus Apartment Building, Apt. 1
Located between Wilson Hall and Herrick Chapel 

Phone Numbers

Office number  847-628-2464
   Fax number  847-628-2044


Susan Weber, RN, BSN                     Mark J. Thompson, MD
847-628-2465                                     847-628-2464


  1. To provide easily accessible and economical on-site medical care and treatment for simple illnesses and injuries.
  2. To provide accurate nursing diagnosis and assessment of student's needs and referral to off-site medical care when appropriate.
  3. To advocate for students with chronic medical needs, acute illnesses, physical and mental disabilities or other special needs that would create barriers to academic learning or accessibility.
  4. To assist students with obtaining student health insurance, processing claim forms, and negotiating with health providers for affordable medical services.
  5. To provide resources to attend to the general physical health of students, faculty, and staff.
  6. To have the Campus Nurse actively involved in continuing education so current medical information and up-to-date treatement can be provided to Judson students.

Privacy Statement

We believe maintaining professional standards of confidentiality with the information provided is a fundamental part of the Health Center.  Complete and accurate health history information aids in making an accurate diagnosis and providing the best care and treatment possible.  Privacy is fully protected under law and will not be disclosed without the expressed permission of the individual except when a serious health threat becomes an issue to maintain the safety of the individual and/or others.  Complete confidentiality is maintained in all services.

Insurance Waiver

If you have your own insurance or are covered under someone else's insurance (i.e. parents, spouse), an insurance waiver must be completed within 10 days of the start of classes every school year. Without this waiver on file, you will be considered on Judson student insurance and will be charged accordingly. Fees for the 2014-2015 school year are:  Fall-$603 and Spring/Summer-$836.  Fees for the 2015-2016 school year are not yet available. See forms below to complete the form online or for a printable copy that may be faxed, mailed or carried in to the Health Center.

Student Accomodations

The success of the student is of utmost importance to the Health Center staff.  If a student has a physical disability or any other special needs or circumstances that may have an impact on their studies, the Health Center has resources available to assist with those matters. 

What do I need to do?

All new students must have a pre-entrance medical record, current physical examination and immunization records on file in the Health Center before the first day of class.  Also, if you do not need Judson student insurance, a waiver must be on file.  See forms below to fill these out online or for a printable form that can be mailed, faxed or carried in to the Health Center.  
  • Pre-Entrance Medical Form - Forms are available below. 
  • Physical Exam - Must have been completed within 12 months prior to the first day of classes.  If you need a current physical, this can be done at your local doctor's office, a walk-in clinic or the Judson Health Center.  At the Health Center, the charge is $20.  This form is available below for you to print; it can not be completed online because a doctor's signature is required.
  •  Immunization Record A mandate from the State of Illinois requires:  
             1. Td (Tetanus/diphtheria) - must be within the past 10 years
             2.  MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) - 2 doses required

A copy of these can be obtained from your doctor's office or your high school.  If you are in need of the Td shot, it is available at the Health Center for $65. 

  • Insurance - You have two options for insurance:  
    1. Personal Insurance - If you have your own insurance or are covered under someone else's insurance (i.e. parents, spouse), an insurance waiver must be completed before the 10th day of class. Without this waiver on file, you will be considered on Judson student insurance and will be charged accordingly.
    2. Judson Student Insurance - If you need Judson student insurance, an insurance form needs to be completed at the Health Center. You will be issued an insurance card and given a booklet detailing the coverage. Your student account will be charged. Fees for the 2014-2015 school year are:  Fall-$603 and Spring/Summer-$836.  Fees for 2015-2016 are not available at this time. Please call the Health Center with any questions.