Virtual Chapel!

Chapel is now virtual!
For the Spring semester, we have adjusted the program to offer the opportunity for students to earn Chapel credit whether they are on or off campus. (CRP-098 chapel class) is required for all full-time students (i.e., those taking 12 or more credit hours), both residents and commuters. All students are automatically added to the CRP-098 course. Due to COVID-19, we are offering both digital and in-person services. The Chapel calendar will be available on posters posted around campus as well as on the Presence page.
To get more information about the program and visit our digital platform please see

Chapel Shortcuts

Chapel now has a new home, the Presence platform! We know this is a big shift so we've created some shortcuts for you. 

If you haven't yet checked out the Chapel Introduction Experience, we suggest you start there. That will give you a great primer on Presence and what to expect. 

Chapel Experiences (chapel on demand, with new episodes released weekly on Mondays): Here

Chapel Events (all the live offerings): Here

Chapel Points (check your points anywhere anytime, we've also got some FAQ's for you over there): Here

Chapel Exemptions

Those who have parental responsibilities and/or work 40+ hours can apply for a chapel exemption.

For those who are involved in demanding internships or practicums, student teaching, or study abroad, those exemptions will be handled in an internal process. For those who require an exemption due to ADA regulations, contact Heather Johnson (

Exemption applications will open on August 10, 2020 and close on October 1, 2020. Please contact Chris Lash ( with any questions or concerns.  


Earning Points

Typically, students earn credit for attending chapel by scanning their ID card in and out of service. This semester, we are utilizing the web-based platform titled Presence to track chapel credit. In order to receive credit, students will need to navigate the mobile optimized platform to answer questions or fill out the service code.

Presence is the central hub to find the chapel schedule, links to videos, and track attendance. Chapel services are organized as events and experiences

Events are those services offered "live" through Zoom, Facebook Live, or in-person (i.e. Majors Meeting or a Contemplative service). Experiences are pre-recorded services, available at any time, and will be connected to the Fall Chapel series. 

For each event and experience the specific service will explain how to get credit. In some instances (like Majors Meetings) students will supply their name and student ID but for others (i.e. experiences) students will need to "apply for credit" and follow the instructions. 

Plagiarism in Chapel Responses

To earn credit for select experiences students will be asked to write reflections based on the chapel content. The content must be written in their own words and every response will be checked for plagiarism.


(From the University Policy for Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism): [A]ny form of academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, plagiarism, and falsification of documents constitutes a serious breach of trust. No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated.


Plagiarism is the use of another’s words, information or ideas without giving credit to that person.  This includes copying, quoting, paraphrasing, or taking an idea from published or broadcast material or from another individual.  Plagiarism is dishonest and can be illegal.  It is the student’s responsibility to be careful and meticulous when taking notes and documenting sources.  Unintentional plagiarism may still be considered stealing someone else’s work or misrepresenting it as one’s own. 

Purpose of Chapel

Chapel is an integral part of the Judson University experience, and, hence, is required of all students. Typical chapel content ranges from Scripture studies to issue-oriented presentations to mini-concerts by guest artists to student-led praise and worship services—all done so that the name of Jesus would be magnified and so that the body of Christ as represented by the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Judson University might be inspired to love Jesus more passionately, encouraged to trust Him more completely, and challenged to serve Him more faithfully.

Judson University’s Chapel program provides for the Judson community the opportunity to fortify the fusion of reason (as defined by academics) and revelation (as defined by Christianity) throughout the week by affording opportunities for worship.  We meet for chapel in order to nourish the spiritual lives of (primarily) students amidst academic pursuits. 

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