Welcome to our Judson University’s Chapel program! CRP-098 (chapel class) is required for all full-time students (i.e., those taking 12 or more credit hours), both residents and commuters. All students are automatically added to the CRP-098 course.

The hub for all things Chapel related is available at We will be offering both digital and in-person services. Here we will have the Chapel calendar, tally page, exemption request and appeal forms. The Chapel calendar will also be available around campus.


Earning Points and Grades

For in-person services, students will need to bring their ID to chapel to scan in and out of the service. The Chapel Hospitality Team members will be the ones to scan in/out. Students who swipe/scan in after 10:06 or before chapel dismisses do not receive credit.  Please bring your ID card to chapel every day. If you come to chapel without an ID card, you will not receive credit.

For virtual services (zoom or groupwatch) the staff facilitator will put a link in the comments/note section. Complete the form with your name and ID to check in and out of the service.

If there is an issue with your ID card, speak with a Chapel Hospitality Team Member.  If an ID card is defective, they can be replaced by Campus Safety for free with a signature from a Chapel Hospitality Team Member.

To access the Chapel calendar through Presence, we recommend downloading the app seen on the landing page.

Chapel Grading System

Students receive a grade corresponding to his/her accumulation of credits throughout the semester. For example, if a student earns 25 credits s/he earns a B for the course. The grade carries the weight of a one-credit course but does not count towards the total credits required for graduation. If a student earns less than 18 credits, s/he earns a failing grade for chapel, equivalent to failing a one-credit course.

The semester will have over 50+ opportunities to earn credit. Each service is worth one credit unless otherwise specified.

  • 28+ = A
  • 25 = B
  • 22 = C
  • 19 = D
  • 18 = F