Purpose of Chapel

Chapel is an integral part of the Judson University experience, and, hence, is required of all students. Typical chapel content ranges from Scripture studies to issue-oriented presentations to mini-concerts by guest artists to student-led praise and worship services—all done so that the name of Jesus would be magnified and so that the body of Christ as represented by the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Judson University might be inspired to love Jesus more passionately, encouraged to trust Him more completely, and challenged to serve Him more faithfully.

Judson University’s Chapel program provides for the Judson community the opportunity to fortify the fusion of reason (as defined by academics) and revelation (as defined by Christianity) throughout the week by affording opportunities for worship.  We meet for chapel in order to nourish the spiritual lives of (primarily) students amidst academic pursuits. 

Chapel Grading/Times

Chapel (CRP-098 chapel class) is required for all full-time students (i.e., those taking 12 or more credit hours), both residents and commuters. Chapels run from 10 to 10:45 a.m. on most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (with occasional Tuesday and Thursday chapels at 11 a.m.) in Herrick Chapel.  The semester schedule is available on posters around campus and in the lobby of the chapel.

Earning Credit

In order to receive credit for attending any particular chapel, students must scan their student ID card in and out at the beginning and end of the chapel. Students who swipe/scan in after 10:06 or before chapel dismisses do not receive credit.  Please bring your ID card to chapel every day.

If there is an issue with your ID card, speak with a chapel scanner.  If an ID card is defective, they can be replaced for free with a signature from head chapel scanner.

Chapel Grading System

Students receive a grade corresponding to his/her accumulation of credits throughout the semester. For example, if a student earns 25 credits s/he earns a B for the course. The grade carries the weight of a one-credit course but does not count towards the total credits required for graduation. If a student earns less than 18 credits, s/he earns a failing grade for chapel, equivalent to failing a one-credit course. 

  • 28+ = A
  • 25 = B
  • 22 = C
  • 19 = D
  • 18 = F  

Chapel Policies & Guidelines


Chapel Etiquette

Since we are treating chapel like a class, with the ability to earn a grade, students who are being disruptive or listening to music/watching videos will not receive credit for that chapel.  As a community we want to respect the speaker/artist. Further, if a student scans more than one ID, scans in or out without having attended the service, or attempts a run-around for the system, they will be docked two chapel tallys as a warning. On the next offense they will fail chapel for the semester. 

Credit Opportunities

The Student Development Office recognizes the value of varied worship experiences. 

Hence, students can receive chapel credit for a handful of regularly scheduled activities throughout the semester, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) huddles, Reel Conversations film screenings, and Spiritual Enrichment Week evening sessions, among others.  Students will be alerted in chapel and via e-mail when chapel credit is available for alternative worship experiences.  Each semester will feature somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 opportunities to earn chapel credit.

Locating Updated Tally Count

A list of current chapel-attendance tallies are available online through my.judson. In order to access this information go to www.judsonu.edu,click on “My JU”,scroll down to “My Judson”,click “student info” tab,on the left sidebar click on “chapel attendance.” This allows you to view total chapel attendance, last chapel date attended, and view an itemized list of each chapel/event for which you received credit.

This information can also be accessed on mobile devices through myjudson.judsonu.edu.  Go to: myjudsonu.judsonu.edu, under the “quick links” section tap on “MyJudson Mobile”, login, “reports”, select “chapel attendance”, input report parameters and press “view report”.

Chapel Exemptions
There are select ways for students to qualify for a chapel exemption. An exemption excuses the student from all chapel requirements, earning a WV (waived) on your transcript. Exemption possibilities include:


  •         Student teaching
  •         Study abroad
  •         Parental responsibilities*
  •         Working 40+ hours*

 (MyJudson website > student info > chapel exemption application)

For student teaching or study abroad, your professors will indicate your exemption status through our internal process.  For those with parental responsibilities or working 40+ hours, students will apply for an exemption status through MyJudson.  Note: if applications are submitted after the date specified, the application will be denied. 

For school internships or shorter student teaching posts, this process is handled through your faculty advisor.  Exemptions are not considered for on campus jobs.

Adjusted Chapel Requirements

We offer partial exemptions only in select circumstances. If a student qualifies for accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act – Section 504, s/he must contact Heather Johnson (hjohnson@judsonu.edu) in the Student Success Center for adjusted credit requirements.  Student also may qualify due to the nature of a practicums or internship. This will be handled through faculty advisors.


Questions re: the Judson University chapel-attendance policy should be directed to Chris Lash, Dean of University Ministries, at christopher.lash@judsonu.edu.

This form has expired or is not yet available.

Chapel Exemptions

Those who have parental responsibilities and/or work 40+ hours can apply for a chapel exemption.

For those who are involved in demanding internships or practicums, student teaching, or study abroad, those exemptions will be handled in an internal process. For those who require an exemption due to ADA regulations, contact Heather Johnson (hjohnson@judsonu.edu).

Exemption applications will open on January 2, 2020 and close on January 31, 2020. Please contact Chris Lash (christopher.lash@judsonu.edu) with any questions or concerns.