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Using the Fitness Center through August 12

Judson’s weight and exercise room in the Lindner Fitness Center is available only for Judson athletes, coaches and athletic staff until student-athlete move in on August 12.

All visitors to these rooms should follow these guidelines:
• Clean, Clean, Clean, (using disinfectant provided) all weights, machines, bars, benches, equipment used after you are done.
• Only JU athletes, coaches and athletic staff will be allowed to use the facility.
• Facility hours are Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
• Masks are to be worn in common areas (entryway, lobby, hallways).
• Social distancing guidelines must be observed. Maintain distance of 6’ at all times.
• Machines that have been taped off are not to be used. Note: If you need ideas for alternative lifts to work specific muscle groups touch base with Coach Pop or another coach
• Locker rooms are not available.
• Use of the track is limited to 6 people at a time, all moving counterclockwise. Physical distancing must be observed.


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