As a Pastor and Leader of Judson's Spiritual Council, Dr. Michael and Dr. Karen Love are inviting students to participate in the Explore God Chicago series at Trinity Baptist Community Church International in Crystal Lake.

7 Key Questions to Ponder!

Session 1: Is Jesus Really God? - January 6, 2019   Session 2: Does Life Have a Purpose? - January 13, 2019    Session 3: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering? - January 20, 2019     Session 4: Is Jesus Really God? - February 3, 2019    Session 5: Is Christianity Too Narrow? - February 3, 2019    Session 6: Is the Bible Reliable? - February 17, 2019    Session 7: Can I Know God Personally? - February 24, 2019

You are welcome to attend Trinity church at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings to listen to the teachings. The sermon will be posted on youtube as well for viewing. Google: yaweh01 and click on the video. There will be a discussion forum on Facebook. Login your FaceBook Account; Search: Trinity Baptist Community Church International - Crystal Lake, then click on Forum. They would love for you to provide your input! For more information please visit: www.trinitybcci.orgor contact Dr. Michael J. Love at 815-444-0355.