With the transition in the Judson Dining Hall to food vendor Fresh Ideas, new and returning Judson students who live on campus now have a new meal plan option called “10 Plus,” which offers 10 meals per week – plus $400 flex dollars a semester for use at Riverside Cafe or Jerry’s Cafe. The new meal plan with housing will be priced at $4,870 per semester or $9,740 for the academic year. This new 10 plus $400 meal plan helps students living in Lindner Tower who may want fewer meals in the dining hall and easier access to use flex dollars at Riverside Café in Lindner Tower or Jerry’s Cafe in the Harm A. Weber Academic Center. 

Commuters can sign up for the five meals-per-week plan at a price of $660 per semester. The 10-meal commuter plan will no longer be offered due to too few participants. 

Also, this year each traditional meal plan will include $25 per semester of flex dollars that can be used in Riverside Cafe or Jerry’s Cafe. Flex dollars will expire at the end of each academic semester for all meal plans. 

For more information and to sign up for the new meal plan, contact Student Accounts at 847-628-2050 or studentaccounts@judsonu.edu. The last day to change your meal plan is Friday, Aug. 25.