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Welcome to the Judson Career Center! 

Creating a solid network is one of the most important things one can do to develop a career. These connections play an integral role in helping students secure their first job out of college, or helping our alumni take the next step in their professional journey! 

At the Judson Career Center- our mission is to offer opportunities for Judson students and Alumni to develop their professional leadership skills, find employment opportunities through the online Job Boards, or grow their network through the Judson University Mentoring Program (JUMP). 

We hope this platform will help JU students and alumni build relationships with one another to help grow their faith, careers, leadership styles, and more! 


The Judson Job Boards 

Click on one of the Job Boards below to view and learn more about job opportunities! 

   JU On-Campus Jobs!

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The Judson University Mentoring Program (JUMP) 

The Judson Mentoring Program is a professional development group led by Judson Alumni and spearheaded by members of the Alumni Career Mentoring committee and the Judson Alumni Board. This program's mission is to provide mentoring and guidance to recent graduates and students, and to connect students to Judson Alumni in a meaningful way. Judson students will have the opportunity to build relationships with Judson Alumni to help grow their faith, relationships, careers, leadership styles and more!

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JUMP Mentoring Guidelines

JU Alumni! Are you looking for a way to give back or share your experiences? J.U.M.P. Mentoring empowers Alumni to invest in the next generation of leaders by providing mentoring and guidance to current Judson students and recent graduates! 

As an Alumni Mentor you will have the opportunity to: 
  • Teach and advise mentees on how to begin the networking process
  • Introduce mentees to new people, places, interests, or ideas
  • Encourage mentees to try new things or think outside the box
  • Help mentees recognize their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Offer support through prayer and much more!
From the first time networker to the avid working professional, this program promises to help you build relationships and make connections that promise to make an impact!
Find out more in the JUMP Mentor Packet Below! 

JUMP Mentor Packet 1.pdf



Current Judson students and recent graduates are encouraged to join the JUMP program to help them make connections that will impact their lives and careers! 

As a mentee you will: 

  • Receive insight and career guidance from Judson alumni
  • Develop and enhance professional and communication skills
  • Connect your academics to your career goals
  • Explore faith in relation to your work
  • Gain exposure to career options, advice, and job search tips
  • Build a professional relationship with your Alumni mentor

J.U.M.P. helps students build relationships with Judson Alumni to help grow their faith, relationships, careers, and leadership styles!

Find out more in the JUMP Mentee Packet Below! 

JUMP Mentee Packet 1.docx



At a minimum, mentoring groups will be expected to agree to a semester-long commitment with meetings in-person or via phone, text & video calling once per month. However, mentors and mentees can also determine when check-ins and meetings work best for them.
If groups would like to commit to two semesters (a full year) right away, they may do so.
Semester 1 Runs: September-December
Semester 2 Runs: January-May
Mentors and Mentees can also choose if they would like to continue their monthly meeting during the summer term. 

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Join us for Virtual Networking Day!

We are thrilled to once again offer expanded networking opportunities for Alumni and students this coming year! Hosted by the Judson University Mentoring Program (JUMP), on September 22, we invite all alumni t...
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