NEW Become a Mentor & Join J.U.M.P. Mentoring- The Judson Mentoring Program is a professional development group led by Judson Alumni and spearheaded by members of the Alumni Career Mentoring committee and the Judson Alumni Board. This program's mission is to provide mentoring and guidance to recent graduates and students, and to connect students to Judson Alumni in a meaningful way. Judson students will have the opportunity to build relationships with Judson Alumni to help grow their faith, relationships, careers, leadership styles and more!
NEW Share Your Judson Story with PWI Storyteller- We invite you to share your Judson experience and favorite memories with members of the Judson community! To share your testimony, simply search for PWI Storyteller in your phone’s app store and download the app. Once downloaded, enter your email address, and then search for and select Judson University. You will receive a series of prompts, and can choose which questions you’d like to respond to — then start recording your videos. Once you’re finished, the app will ask for your approval, and you can submit or redo your video inside the app. Judson will receive a copy of every story you submit, and can then use them in promotional content, social media and other videos.

If you would prefer to share your story in a written format you may do so by completing this fillable form and submitting your story form to

FREE Resource  - Access an online library of over 10,000  video Bible studies, leadership videos, and kids' shows  through RightNow Media (referred to as "the Netflix of Bible study videos"). Alumni will receive three emails from  Rightnow Media , each giving you the opportunity to sign up for the free service, specifically provided to Judson Alumni and paid for by Judson. Please contact the Alumni Office at 847-628-2017 or  if you do not get these emails or need a new invite sent to you.